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When the time is ripe, it happens that the paths forever parallel of people sharing the same pioneering view cross themselves over to put a period at the past and shape the future into the present.

This is how Just Digital begins: as a period and a breakthrough.

A newborn Company, but with a powerful, global perspective on the dental field. And putting things into perspective is the key point of a successful approach.

Just Digital comes out of the enthusiasm of a group of specialists each of whom has his own peculiar expertise and knowledge that shares with the others with great passion, persistence and vision.

They deal with every field of the dental world, becoming aware of both its limits and its potential and nourishing a well-rounded interaction with the market.


The core of our broader and articulate project is a product conceived and developed thanks to the synergies between Dentists and Lab Technicians.

It’s the Digital Smile System Software which, far from being a mere Smile Design Programme, is a powerful and totally reliable mean that improves the communication among dentists, patients and labs.


Currently, through the Dss, Just Digital has encoded four specific workflows: Implant, Ortho, Perio, Lab around which it fosters trainings and courses either independently or on behalf of a Partner, be it a Company or a University.

Just Digital is therefore a broad-based learning platform by virtue of its highly skilled staff and its well-rounded, ever-evolving software. We offer “basic” trainings such as photography and Smile Design, we complement Universities in PhD, but our flagship is the Dentist + Technician Format that we have specifically tested for the hands-on implant, ortho, perio, lab workflow courses which we are able to hold thanks to our partners that provide the technologies involved in the process.  Such format is extremely successful in terms of communication impact on the audience as it guards against steep learning curves.


Furthermore, Just Digital is a distribution channel as it already sells the software both in the national market and abroad.


And last but not least, Just Digital provides both technical

and commercial service to end-users and partners.

Finally, Just Digital in a nutshell is:

  • Skills – especially referred to the long experience and the talent for innovation of its human resources
  • Product – the Dss
  • Research & Development – with reference to the validation of workflows and certification of protocols
  • Learning – as it boosts trainings, courses, workshops on several matters and different levels
  • Sales & Distribution – through its present network
  • Service – in terms of loyalty programmes for customers and by strengthening the partnerships with other Companies.
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